🇬🇧 Easykon for MyHome | Setup

Setup with App Freedompro

Have you always dreamed of controlling all the accessories in your smart home from one app? The app Freedompro gives you a complete and innovative smart home experience! Follow the steps below to pair your Easykon for MyHome with your smartphone in no time.

  • Download the app Freedompro;


  • Accept permissions requested by the application and log in with your Freedompro account. If you do not have an account you can create one through Apple, Facebook or Google;

  • Click on the "+" in the upper right corner;

  • Click "Detected Modules";

  • Select your Easykon Module:

  • Enter the 8-digit security code on the front of the module;

  • You can now place your accessories in rooms to use the Freedompro app or skip them by clicking “Skip”;

  • Once you have completed the procedure click on "Done".


Your Easykon for MyHome is now ready to use.

You can customize the settings and change the physical control behavior to suit your needs. link a setting dell'app Freedompro

Freedompro devices are usable as soon as they are connected to the power supply; however, to use them best, it is recommended to customize the type of controls that are connected to them.

The controls can be configured via the Freedompro app; in case a WiFi network is not available, this function can also be configured via WebApp.



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