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🇬🇧 How to pair a Freedompro device with the app

Pairing Freedompro devices with the official "Freedompro" smart home remote control app is super easy. Here is a quick guide to complete the pairing procedure in just a few minutes.

Once you have completed the installation of the Freedompro device and the "Freedompro" app, follow the steps in this article to proceed with the pairing procedure.

With the Freedompro app, you can set up and use your new devices in minutes, so you can control the modules from your smartphone.

Are you ready? Let's start pairing the Smart Modules or Easykon Bridges with the Freedompro app to access all these functions.

Pairing Freedompro devices


  • Freedompro App

  • Freedompro device installed

  • Wi-Fi network

Make sure the smartphone is up to date and connects to the home network Wi-Fi.

Step-by-step: how to pair the Freedompro modules:

  • Download the Freedompro app;


  • Make sure your smartphone is connected to your home WiFi network;

  • Open the Freedompro App on your smartphone;

  • Accept the permissions required by the app and log in with your Freedompro account;

If you do not have an account, you can create one through Apple, Facebook or Google.

  • Click the "+" in the upper right corner;

  • Click "Add Module";

  • If the Freedompro application automatically detects devices, click "Module already detected"; otherwise, select the device category you want to match;

  • Follow the directions on the screen to complete the configuration;

  • The form will be displayed on the home page of the application.

The Freedompro device is now ready to use.

Modules Pairing


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